Need To Know

Down Payment Assistance Eligibility

  First Time home buyers that make less than $59,360 a year (or $118,720 as a couple)

 Complete Growing Greenwood Ownership Course Curriculum

  Purchase home in North Tulsa. Geographic boundary outlined on map

Down Payment Assistance Disbursement Amount

$4,750 per household

 $2,500 | Down Payment
 $1,500 | Appliances
 $750 | Inspections/Appraisal

First Time Homebuyer Course Education

6 Week Course

Week 1:
The Abundance Mindset - Working with a licensed real estate agent/counselor to promote a "wealth mindset".
Week 2:
Homeownership Guide - What you need to know in preparation to buying a home and the process from offer to close.
Week 3:
The Lending Process - The Ins and Outs of getting approved to buy your home.
Week 4:
Understanding Inspections and Appraisal
Week 5:
Home Care and Financial Sustainability - Maintenance of finances and actual home care after purchase.
Week 6:
Financial Literacy - Planning for Wealth Building
Building a Healthy Financial Portfolio

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Resources Available for Buyers
  Homebuyer Course Guide (Printed Material)
  Access to our Official Partners: Realtors, Lenders, Financial Planners, Home Inspectors, Counseling Services, Credit Repair Experts